Welcome to NABLA PRO

NABLA loves makeup artists and … makeup artists love NABLA!
To reward them for their work and for spreading our makeup day by day we created NABLA PRO.

The participation in our program is totally free and provides:
• 20% discount for makeup artists
• 10% discount for makeup school students

Who qualifies for NABLA PRO?
NABLA PRO is open to all makeup artists who have attended a course lasting at least 60 hours, and to all students who are currently attending one. At the moment, despite being wonderful, the following jobs do not qualify for our program: aesthetician, hair stylist, nail technician, actor, model, dancer, photographer, or other jobs related to the beauty industry.

How to apply?
Download the form and follow the instructions. It might require up to 28 days to process your application.


Terms and conditions
The discounts and special privileges associated with the NABLA PRO program are available to our members only. Products acquired as a result of NABLA PRO membership are intended for the personal and professional use by our members, and are not to be resold under any circumstances. Each member can only use one shipping address. NABLA reserves the right to approve, deny or cancel membership at any time, and at our discretion. NABLA also reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time and without prior notification. Some products will not be available for a NABLA PRO discount, such as limited edition items, sets, sale items, or products with limited inventory. The NABLA PRO discount cannot be combined with any other offers or sales. The NABLA PRO discount is available only on www.nablacosmetics.com.